Búsquedas Exploratorias

This work by Marc Lejeune / Circus Marcus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International


Búsquedas Exploratorias

Búsquedas Exploratorias is a never-ending set started in 2011.At this time, I was sticked in an unique way to compose and I did’nt like that. So, I decided to start again improvisation work. From there, I kept the more intersting stuffs. And there here are these 13 Búsquedas Exploratorias, wich means « Exploratories Researches » by the way. Few tracks (#005, #009 , #012 and #013) are not improvisations, but there was the improvisation spirit to close the track as soon as possible after getting the idea.

  1. #001 – Fabula Acta Est
  2. #002 – Jusqu’à ne plus avoir peur
  3. #003 – Fugit Irreparable Tempus
  4. #004 – Gluten
  5. #005 – Tu pars
  6. #006 – Noce à Lens
  7. #007 – Rue Laide Coupe
  8. #008 – Graviora Manent
  9. #009 – Pandora
  10. #010 – À Ernest Delahaye
  11. #011 – Idée Fixe
  12. #012 – Frères humains
  13. #013 – ¿? | youtube

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The artwork is signed by AR MEN