Durant un peu moins d’une heure, Circus Marcus vous propose une immersion dans sa bulle intimiste et minimaliste au travers d’un concert en format piano solo de ses derniers morceaux, introduit par quelques notes d’accordéon diatonique et de kalimba.
 Durante un poco menos de una hora, Circus Marcus les propone una imersión en su burbuja intimista y minimalista a través de un concierto Piano Solo de sus últimos temas, introducido por unas notas de acordeón diatónico y de kalimba.
 During a little bit less than one hour, Circus Marcus offer you an immersion in his intimist and minimalist world with a Piano Solo concert of his last compositions, introduced by a few notes of diatonic accordion and kalimba
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For this summer 2017, I’m looking for different place in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. If you want to help me to find a place near of yours or in your home/roof/cave/etc. I will be very glad to receive a mail from you to organize a concert 😉

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In the same time, you can take a look on my presentation’s dossier (only in French and Spanish for now)