Do you want have the Circus Marcus touch in your project?

If you do respect the license Creative Commons clauses « by » (Attribution) and « nc » (Non Commercial), it’s free!
Share your project with us, we are very curious ! And if you want to help us to develop the Circus Marcus project, you can make a donation.

For the attention of the people who wants to use my music on Youtube :

Maybe you will receive a claim send by ONErpm. It’s normal. If you don’t break my Creative Commons License BY-NC, Send me the link of your youtube video and I will ask to ONErpm to remove the claim. Thanks for your understanding ans sorry for the bother…

If your project have commercial issue, contact us. We will give you a quote depending of your need and your budget.
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* if you don’t want to monetize your video and if there’s no commercial purpose inside the video, contact me to remove the automatic claim sent by ONErpm. 

You will receive a non-exclusive and non-transferable commercial license agreement (valid in perpetuity). You will also receive, on demand, the .wav version of the track(s).

Or, you have another alternative and get a license through Jamendo Pro. Depending of the use, maybe you will get a reduction in front of our prices.

Some examples of the Circus Marcus touch in various projects: for audiovisuals, theater, dance, expositions…

La Mina de oro, Jacques Bonnavent (more than 30 international prices)

Un bon moyen de se faire des amis, Guillaume Moreels

Un ser respetable, Jaufre Rudel

On-demand composition

L’enclume, Thierry Nevez
Gluten, Paola Ponti