Kalimba session, 2016-05-07 (2016)

This work by Marc Lejeune / Circus Marcus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International


Kalimba Session, 2016-05-07

As it’s well-named, Kalimba Session, 2016-05-07 is a one shot recording session with only the kalimba. You will listen to released kalimba pieces as the Tapa del jueves, unreleased (until there) kalimba pieces as Galamus, improvisations and works in progress.

  1. Improvisation No 1
  2. La brise (solo kalimba)
  3. La tapa del Jueves | youtube
  4. Galamus | youtube
  5. L’épisode cévenol | youtube
  6. Idée No 1
  7. La tapa del Domingo No 2
  8. Improvisation No 2
  9. Idée No 2
  10. Improvisation No 3
  11. Idée No 3
  12. Menuet de Bach

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