Aux puces

This work by Marc Lejeune / Circus Marcus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International


Aux puces

Aux puces is a never-ending set started in 2012. The main idea was to try discover another way to compose music with a « cerebral » focus trying to find a good mix between harmony’s arrangements and atmosphere. For now, you can listen to 11 piano pieces and one orchestral arrangement (for the Seville’s Semana Santa) of the Aux puces No 10.

  1. Aux puces No 1 – Les chaises Louis XVI
  2. Aux puces No 2 – Carosello
  3. Aux puces No 4 – Noctambulle
  4. Aux puces No 5 | youtube
  5. Aux puces No 6 – La Flor de Olmedo | youtube
  6. Aux puces No 7
  7. Aux puces No 9
  8. Aux puces No 10 – Allegro ma non troppo
  9. Aux puces No 11 | youtube
  10. Aux puces No 12 | youtube
  11. Aux puces No 10 – Allegro ma non troppo (Semana Santa Sevillana)

To download it for free, just click on « download » button above the playlist on the left or go on the Free Music Archive page of this album

Or, you can support me buying Aux puces and naming your price on Bandcamp

If you like playing piano, you can also download for free the scores of this album.

To support me, you can also buy the music sheets book of Vous êtes quelqu’un de terriblement absent


The artwork is signed by Gaël De Meyere


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