16/9 (2017)

This work by Marc Lejeune / Circus Marcus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International



This is the sixth album of Circus Marcus, released in 2017. You can listen to 11 minimalistic tracks mainly instrumental where the piano is melted with the accordion and the kalimba.

  1. Phoenix | youtube (live)
  2. Petrified
  3. La brise
  4. Cadiquo tu noï
  5. 4 Pluviose An 2
  6. Other side
  7. Rumbo de grises | youtube (piano version)
  8. intro_outro
  9. Frères humains
  10. Levantarán el vuelo | youtube (piano version)
  11. 16/9

Listen to the presentation of 16/9 (in Spanish) on Radiopolis (Seville FM 88.0) in the show El legado de Gracita Morales

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If you like playing piano, you can also download the scores of this album

What they said:

… Au final c’est un album qui me semble charnière, il montre une envie d’évolution autant qu’une volonté de clôturer certains chapitres. Voilà de quoi aiguiser notre curiosité pour la suite…

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… Se nos hace imposible decidir destacar un solo tema por encima de otro, cada uno con su propio color se escuchan genuínamente únicos. Y eso nos llena y alegra enormemente…

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… Each track will take you to new heights, new atmospheres, sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, soft, tragic… At times dark, at other times full of light. Grand or discreet, it shifts every time you listen to it…

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